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Where are Princess Shruti Shah Rana’s two daughters Girvani Rana and Surangana Rana?

Ex-crown Princess Shruti Rajya Laxmi Shah had two daughters namely Girvani Rana and  Surangana Rana. Girvani Rana is elder daughter born on 22nd, January of 1998 and younger daughter Surangana Rana was born on 2nd October of 2000. Girvani Rana was only three years old and Surangana Rana was only few months old when Princess Shruti Shah Rana was shot dead by her elder brother in an royal massacare. Both of them were raised by their father Kumar Gorakh Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana after death of Shruti Rana.

Shruti Shah with her two year old daughter girwani

Princess Shruti Shah Rana with her two year old daughter Girwani Rana

Princess Shruti wuth her daughter Girwani

Princess Shruti Shah Rana attending a function with her elder daughter Girwani Rana

Both of her daughters Girwani Rana and Surangana Rana are now currently studying in a school in Dehradhun, India staying in house of their close relative. Few years ago, Girwani Rana was spotted with her father Kumar Gorakh Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana at an art display event related to the royal family.


Girvani rana daughter of shruti rana with her father gorakh samsher

Princess Shruti’s husband and daughter Girwani Rana observing art in an event organized in Kathmandu.


Ex- crown princesss elder daughter girvani rana

A close snap shot of Princess Shruti’s elder daughter Girwani Rana observing art in an event

The art display event was about Ex-Royal Family which brought tears in eyes of Girwani Shah and could be seen in the image above.

Daughter of princess Shruti Rajyalaxmi Devi Shah Sarkar Surangana Rajyalaxmi Rana

Younger Daughter of princess Shruti Rajyalaxmi Devi Shah Surangana Rajyalaxmi Rana

Father Kumar Gorakh Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana might had done his best to raise two beautiful daughters. He remained unmarried for almost a decade after death of Princess Shruti Shah Rana. He was also a victim of the royal massacare but survived and returned home after stay of few days in hospital. He got married again with daughter of Ex-prime minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand’s younger brother’s daughter few years back. He works in Standard Chatered Bank in Kathmandu.

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  1. kamala says:

    i never forgott u shruti

  2. Raju dash says:

    I’m running in BA 2nd year i like to go austaila to read but i have no any persons read there so what can i do?

  3. I wanna know more detail and wanna go together the programme

  4. anon says:

    Kumar Gorakh has really aged.

  5. PARWEZ ALAM says:

    oh vry sad siuvation

  6. sasunp says:

    How could you say that prince Dipendra shot their family even there isn’t any further inquiry on it by our so called government
    “Princess Shruti Shah Rana was shot dead by her elder brother in an royal massacare”
    It’s a wrong statement.

  7. Tanka shrestha says:

    I am very upset to read this article.

  8. If the England (Mother of Democracy) can adopt MONARCHY as Queen Elizabeth, Why we nepalese people cant adopt Girvani as QUEEN of Nepal

  9. Man Grylls says:

    Glimpse of horror and most emotional moment of the massacre passed through the mind again….No one believe those event concluded with the effort of Dipendra….whoever is under that devilish deeds,will be persecuted by the time to come forth,,,tears of shruti’s daughter shall not forgive them

  10. shiva neupane says:

    Royal massacre is a black day for all the nepalese people. it still reminds me that occasion. Though Dipendra is accused as the real killer of Royal family, we can’t believe it. the government should identify the real killer and persecute them.

  11. Man Bahadur Singh says:

    It is not the real message that how Prince Dipendra can shot to his family. No one can believe it . We still believe that Dipendra and his royal family were shot buy others.

  12. Sujaya says:

    Kumar Gorakh Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana married one of Binod Chaudhary relative about 5 years ago.
    How can you say he is not married?

  13. Madan pant says:

    We nepali people don’t believe that the royal family memebers were shooted by Dipendra.The shotter might not be dead one.but may be alive.Baba gorakhnath will punish him/her who had done this & dies twice once while alive & next at the time of the death. HAD THRTE BEEN MONARCHY IN NEPAL, THE COUNTRY WOULD HAVE DEVELOPED MORE. WISH GRIBANI WILL BE THE QUEEN OF NEPALSoon.

  14. Binod Syangtan says:

    Who is the owner of this site?? Who is the editor??
    How you can say that Royal massacre was done by Prince Birendra….
    I need correction on the statements.
    Girvani Rana was only three years old and Surangana Rana was only few months old when Princess Shruti Shah Rana was shot dead by her elder brother in an royal massacare.
    YOu can write “Shot dead in Royal massacre” only..
    Who the hell you gonna say that????

  15. sam kc says:

    I m very upset see this,

  16. jagannath poudel says:

    any way who kild her . i mean surti rajhyelaxmi . he and his family never ever happy . this is my sarap

  17. y b kirati says:

    acctually this incident related with our nation I want to condemt to sauth neighbour because never want our Nepal be a peace and prosperity .still they couln,t make signature Nepal is santi ksheyra why it mean they we became up peace.

  18. narayan Basnet says:

    This picture brought tear in my eyes when I saw shruti daughter tear in her eyes.

  19. sazin says:


  20. deepak says:

    Please love them so that they never feel the lack of their mother sruti.

  21. mahesh says:

    it was really difficult for me to controll myself while i saw tear in her eyes. god bless u girvani and saurangana.

  22. anikale says:

    Please dont make blaind to the world. Because every Nepalis know prince Dipendra wasn’t the real shooter.

  23. Still finding it hard to believe that incident which was happened in Narayanhiti Royal Palace one decade ago… it seems like yesterday we saw our beloved and most respected king and queen in the history of Nepal kingdom.No one can forget them ever in the life bcoz of theirs love to the Nepalese people. actually it was not possible to shots the whole royal family by one man.. do u believe..? no one can believe this. hope the above lord will find the actual killer of royal family one day. keep it in urs mind u ass hole killer…”Sins will appears from the above…” if found by Nepalese people u will be dead… don’t hide yourself too long… Say the truth to the Nepalese people….. ….R.I.P our beloved King and Queen…..badly missed u all by Nepalese people…

  24. pradip says:

    I need job

  25. Samin says:

    Its not fair writing Princess Shruti Shah Rana was shot dead by her elder brother in an royal massacre.
    How sad it is that there are still people who think so. You all should know it wasn’t him. What is it with you people, don’t you all know whose Master plan it was,it was obvious everything was planned and you all were manipulated,blinded to see the truth please don’t make these kinds of statement whoever you are.
    Don’t just make statements that hurt people think about it.
    R.I.P. Late prince Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev
    If there is a hell its still waiting for Royal family murderers. Not only Royal family we all people and this country was murdered with them.

  26. Saurav Adhikari says:

    Neither Dipendra nor Gyanendra nor Parash, who are accused officially or unofficially “The Killer of Royal Massacre” are the “Real Killers”. Real Killers are the “Indian RAW Team”. As India wanted Our Priceless King Birendra to become Titular and Puppet of the then Indian Government like the king of Bhutan, our king rejected that offer. Thus he and his family was murdered by planning this in Canada by the then Indian Government.

  27. susan chetri says:

    I miss them….. great royal family

  28. Sujendra Shrestha says:

    Its not fair to say that royal massacre was done by dipendra.. Investigations should be done on this.

  29. Suman Ghimire says:

    How can you be so sure that Dipendra killed them……think before you write man…….

  30. taratamu816@yahoo.com says:

    lovely poossst

  31. Gautam gurung...Gorkha says:

    also i miss great royal family .

  32. raju says:

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyy Princess Shruti Shah Rana wasnt shot dead by her elder brother in an royal massacare
    nooooooooooooooooooooo not by her brother okkkkkkkkkkkkk

  33. KA U Sal says:

    No one believs that royal famly was dead shot by prince dipendra… as it is nt proved till.now. so change tha statement nd show ur patroitic feeling -( especially requested to this.status updater)

  34. rameswor parajuli says:

    Drops of tears shouldn’t be weakness but must be energy to find out facts behind massacre,,,,,, “Bikh bina ko sarpa ra ekh bina ko manchhe” meaningful fact. kohi narka baas gaye pani satyataa surface ma aaos,

  35. sameer shrestha says:

    its so shame on you who have written that she was shot by her own brother ,,how can you even think so,,,

  36. kaushal shrestha says:

    totally speehless…… :( ……..some says dipendra did n some say he didn’t do anything……bt the real thing iz we lost our royal family :( …….we jst can do iz imagine the scene which we don’t have idea……the scene iz still mystrey……hope the real person get caught…..waiting for that day….. ^_^

  37. sarmila shrestha says:

    never giveup Girvani , loveyou take care

  38. krishna says:

    it is ridiculous to write ……shot by own brother …. it is still mysterious and not yet proved .editor must correct this statement .government should focus on this massacre to find the truth and find the guilty. loosing king birendra was great loss for nepal …….

  39. bipin paudel says:

    reallymade me suck by reading this artical.

  40. Girwani Rana and Surangana Rana
    Oh god…!!!
    Nepalese people prays you madly. soo, in name of your existence
    although your were not able to save our Princess.
    PLease grant more happiness to Girwani Rana and Surangana Rana than they need.
    Never let them feel that they are alone.
    Give them love as much you can give.
    Always make them smile throughout their life.

    and If you want to do something more than please ruin the life of each and every people who were involved in Royal masacare
    Because being a Nepali. Really… heart burns a lot when you see tears falling from her eyes.
    They have to pay for each and every tears which fall from her as well as us(Nepali).

  41. uttam prasad neupane says:

    hamra payara rajaa ka natiniharu le aafna aafanta haru ko hatya garnelai badla lena sakun vanne suvakamana dina chahanxu.

  42. Surose Aryal says:

    Those daughters should have secured environment.
    Government must give them facilities instead of
    Expenditure on political leaders.
    If it happens I’m sure these two daughter announced the killer of royal family in public by hook and took.
    But government should take responsibility of them.

  43. Milan Bhujel says:

    Forgive but Never forget Those Day in your’s Life ….. That was a dark Night , where Lost the Light Of Moon for forever ….anyway take heart …. Life has Life to Live …. care & safe what you have today that’s it …. :(

  44. sanjay limbu says:

    I nevar forget royel fimley

  45. Dyes kinar says:

    I m also miss royal family..

  46. Bikash says:

    evrything has changed, neplease , nation… Bt knw body knw who is a shooter of royal family???
    Still Neplease people want 2 knw that … We aren’t satisfied ..

  47. If the England (Mother of Democracy) can adopt MONARCHY as Queen Elizabeth, Why we nepalese people cant adopt Girvani as QUEEN of Nepal

  48. KS Basnet says:

    The news all are true but it was not shot by her elder brother

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