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Who are the most richest people of Nepal?

Who are the most richest people in Nepal? There is no clear answer to the question because there is no any private and govermental body who keeps an account of the income and property of any Nepalese citizens. Recently, Binod Chaudhary from Nepal had been listed in Forbes magazine as a billionire. According to the record of Forbes it could be clearly analysed that Binod Chaudhary is the most richest person of Nepal. I want to list out some rich people who are among the richest person in Nepal depending upon some facts and rumors.

Binod Chaudhary

binod-chaudhary-richest person of nepal

There is no dout that Binod Chaudhary is the richest person of Nepal, as he is the one and only Forbes listed billionire from Nepal. Chaudhary family started their business in 1935 with a shop in front of today’s Bishal Bazar in a rent paying Rs. 200 per year. Now, Chaudhary family owns multinational companies with base in different countries like Singapore, India, Dubai etc. Chaudhary Group owns Wai Wai instant noodles brand which is sold in different countries, majority of shares on Nabil Bank which is largest commercial bank of Nepal, Real Estate business in Dubai, some shares on international hotels Network Taj Hotels.

Upendra Mahato


Upendra Mahato, A russian based business tycoon is often called the most richest person of Nepal. Once a famous Nepali blog had mentioned Upendra Mahato as a most richest person of Nepal but doesen’t want to be in a limelight. He had invested in different business in different countries that includes Europe, Africa, Asia and Nepal. He owns a remarkable valuation of shares on the most profit making company of Nepal, NCell and majority of shares on Sanima Bank. It is heard that he has property on Belarus and Russia worth billions of dollars.

Jiwa Lamichane


Although Jiwa Lamichane is heard more as a president of Non-Residential Nepalese rather than his businesses, he is also among the richest person in Nepal. He is business partner of Upendra Mahato and had invested combinedly in different business from Russia to Nepal.

Ajaya Sumargi


Ajaya Sumargi is often heard on the news being close to the powerful politicians and mostly with Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda”. He is known as a very clever businessman who knows to utilize different people in his favour and make a huge business profit out of it. It is heard that he left his hometown Hetauda with NRs. 500 lending with his friend and now he owns few helicopters for his personal travel. Ajaya Sumargi owns Hello mobile company, almost a half a dozen of business complexes in middle of different cities, 154 ana land in the heart of Kathmandu which he had purchased from Kantipur Group and many more.

Pashupati Samsher Rana

pashupati shumsher budo_20120409014004

Few decades ago Pashupati Samsher Rana was termed as most richest person of nepal and was often called the person who is much more richer than the king of Nepal. He owns 16 ropani of land in front Teaching Hospital where he lives currently lives, Nepal Gas comapny and many more. In an interview he had said that his wife princess of ancient Indian kingdom brought NRS. 2500 million of dowry some decades ago which could be value up to NRS. 25000 million in today’s date.

These are the top five richest people of Nepal listed depending upon facts and little rumour.


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  1. Tara Bhattarai says:

    Jai hos!

  2. sir
    please invest now in new technology so technical student can fight with their future.this is question to binod chaudhary .upendera mahato and other riches person

  3. mani subba. says:

    कोईलाई भने पैसाको सिरानी, कोईलाई भने आफ्नै घर विरानी, हाम्रै नेपालमा ।

  4. Aamir shahi says:

    After 10 years you will read Amir jung shahi is the Richest person of Asia …..

  5. Ameer Adkikaree says:

    wow aza dekhi yaar nepal ko reachest pepole namaskar hai hazur harulai……
    Ma pane voli parsi yestei hunxu hazur…………..

  6. It is very nice to hear that Nepal has very rich persons, it is my application to those respected rich persons to invest the property in Nepal for new technology and the hydro power then Nepali youth will get opportunity to do many things for Nepal.

  7. aanand says:

    dhani to ho jasle aafno kamaiko 10 percent donate gar6a samaj ra nimukhako unantiko lagi

  8. aanand sharma says:

    ok best of luck i wish more earn and donate some for deprived sector

  9. binir kayastha says:

    any one wants to invest in a hotel or a resort for a big shot (richest people ) anyone intrested to do a big project please inform me :)

  10. Prachanda Bahadur Shrestha Bhanne Phataha parena6, khusi lagyo/

  11. BP Khanal says:

    The richest person is that who eats satisfying food with his/her love ones every meal and sleeps sweet-dream in his or her own spouse’s arm. He/she is the richest on this earth who prays to God for others’ welfare every prayer time and extends sacrificial love to the needy one. And, richest is the one who really trust him/herself to God merciful hand for all eternity!

  12. Deepak Bhandari says:

    They must Serve People .

  13. Resham Aryal says:

    Phataha netaharu parena6n khusi lagyo….

  14. Upendra Raj Wagle says:

    chadakyako bachhan chha dhan hunu ra dan dina saknu sano punnya ko phal hoina.

  15. ramesh prasad mainali says:

    Jay hos, Pravuko

  16. कुश बहादुर सुनुवार says:

    खूशीकाे कुरा हाे

  17. Arbinda KC says:

    Prachande (Pushpa Kamal Dahal) le Switzerland ma thupareko sampati dekhekai rahena chhan. Sake … Prachandeko darle hola highlight nagareko holan.

  18. Arbinda KC says:

    Prachande (Pushpa Kamal Dahal) le Switzerland ma thupareko sampati dekhekai rahena chhan. Sake … Prachandeko darle hola highlight nagareko …?

  19. it is good, it should be use to develop the country.

  20. What about Mr.Sesh Ghale, President of NRN???

  21. Nepali Man says:

    कसरी धनी बने भनेर बुझ्ने निधार खुम्च्याउँछन, नबुझ्ने जय जयकार गर्छन् ।

  22. Lok Bhatta says:

    This is our proud. Keep them up and give employment for Nepalese people in our country not only their relatives.

  23. Laxman Shrestha says:

    Dherai jaso aafnai mihenatle dhani baneka xan bhane thorai purkheuli dhanle nai dhani xan jasto lag6

  24. Dilli Adhikari says:

    This is pride. Mobilize your capital in nation building.

  25. 10% are occupying 90% of resources and 90% are living with 10% in our Nepal.

  26. durga says:

    ramro samachar

  27. salpa lama says:

    “Dhani bektihaur vayera k napyo Nepal pahila jast thiyo ahile ni testai xa’

  28. tul and cool says:

    after 2 hours tul and cool become the poorest person of the bazar……..

  29. lal bahadur khadka says:

    Riches man vanera kasari vannu Desh ani Poor janata ko lagi kehi gare po Riches vannu natra……..

  30. tara says:

    aruko barema ta thaha bhayena…tara binod chadhary ko aatmakatha bata wahako dhani hunuko safalta ra mehanat bata hamile pani dherai path sikna sakincha…sathai jiba lamichane ra upendra mahato ko russia ma bhayeko unnati pragati ko barema Karna Shakya ko ‘KHOJ’pustak bata jankari pauda sachai nai nepali haru pani tyo thau ma pugna sakdo rahecha bhani gaurabanbit huna pugiyo…sathai wahaharule deshko lagi pani kehi garna chahanu bhayeko kura bata wahaprati dherai Aasha haru palayeko cha …ek aam manish ko hasiyatle..ek aam nepali ko hasiyatle….///

  31. kasko kati 6 vanera pani rakheko vaya ramro hunthyo

  32. भिम राई । says:

    धनी दाईहरुले आफु धनी बनेर कहलिनु सँगै पहाडी भेग पिछडिएको गाउँ गाउँतिर हाम्रो समाज सेवा र शिक्षा क्षेत्रमा पनि सहयोग गरी दिए हुन्थ्यो ।

  33. sujan thapa says:

    i am great of them…i love nepal.

  34. Hemraj Saud says:

    Dhani ho jasle aafno kamai ko 1% samaj ra Rastra ko unantika lagi Kharcha garos.Testo lai mero salam 6.
    yad rahos last ma satha kekhi jadaina …

  35. himmat says:

    no I am sorry I do not agree with hem

  36. shyangbo Tirtha says:

    you must to invest in hydropower then we will get a lot of opportunities in our country.

  37. Anup khadka says:

    Pashupati samser???? New for me…didn’t know that he is in 5 richest person of nepal

  38. rajram says:

    Now u guys will c me here ……even forbes magazine list also …….u guys just wish for that ……

  39. Dheeraj Rauniyar says:

    Respected sir,
    I kindly requested to you please invest your valuable money in valuable field i.e. in Pharmaceutical industry. Because this field is more important in Nepalese context.

  40. Raju Baskota says:

    It is our pride! But in my personnel opinion , I’m upset being poor country citizen . It could be a great gorge n pride if we could introduce our country Nepal as a reach country in the world !! Anyway , we should agree with those richest people!! Yes they are rich!!! We pride of them!!!

  41. sombahadur says:

    Jati sukai paisavaypani k garnu nepalma indianle na gare nepali le khana paudaina lattakapada dekhi lera khadynna sampurna indian ko varma chaleko xa kalkarkhana sabai thok indian ko xa aaja samma yo nepaliko kampani ho vanera jyla ya nokari garna paiyko xaina ani nepali ko sampati le k garxa jati paisa vay pani vikari ho tiniharu kamsekam yuta gadiko kampani kholepani hajarau nepali le kam pauthe ma jasto driver ko pani aafnai taxi kinera chalauna sakthe hola tara hudaina ani tiniharuko paisa vayra k garnu marera jada sathama lera jane bebastha milaidinu sabai nepali harule to vikari haruko daulat bina kamko ho charcha nagarda hunxa mero vanai

  42. sombahadur says:

    Ajaipani kei bigreko xaina karodpati haru india ko jasti gadiko kampani khola taki nepalile kastam indialai dina na paros 3 lakh ko marutilai 11lakh tirna na paros dhan ko sirani halera sutera k marnai pardaina vanthaneko hola tara din aaypaxi ta janai parxa ani xora natila sarapdai kharcha gardai garxa

  43. shekhar says:

    K vo ra tyasko artha? Tyatra paisaa huneko nepal ra nepali prati maya dekhayai nepal ko development project maa invest garnu ni….akut paisa thuparera mari jane ho..we want to see our country developed not the richest person …

  44. Arief ghimire says:

    very very

  45. ashansu says:


  46. Aavash says:

    Hawa News… ramro sagha bujera lekhda ramro huncha………………

  47. suraj khawash says:

    Haamro payaro nepal ko rechest bekti haamro sirharulai namaskaar

  48. rupes karki says:

    prachanda ko khol maa sumargi.
    sumargi was khalasi of hetauda. prachanda ra gyanendra ko kaalo dhan le aaja nepal kai dhani vayecha

  49. Rabi says:

    Byakti dhani xan tara des garib kina ki eniharu le tax xalera poisa kamauxan fuck nepal gov

  50. Keshav sharma says:

    Aajapo xen hamro sampati voli ta holani….

  51. sanzip sundas says:

    it is not fair
    mero name khai ta?;-)

  52. Adeline says:

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    digg it and personally suggest to my friends.

    I am confident they’ll be benefited from this web site.

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